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creativity inspires genius

The Arts

Google Arts & Culture 

Music Theory

lessons & exercises


create your own music

NPR Tiny Desk Concerts

supplement your knowledge

Online Curriculum

Ivy League Courses free to audit

Fiveable online AP course content

HippoCampus NROC resources

PBS Learning Media videos & articles


TED Ed lessons worth sharing

reading and writing

Language Arts


find your next favorite book

National Emergency Archive

texts available during COVID closures

science, technology, engineering, math


Big History Project

examines our past, explains our present, and imagines our future

Discover Chemistry articles & information

Biology Simulations 

American Museum of Natural History

articles & information

AMNH on Youtube

explore science videos

Khan Academy

Scratch learn to code

mental health and fun

Social & Emotional

history, news, and social sciences


Bunk History 

CNN 10

statistics & information about countries

Country Reports

statistics & information about countries